Massachusetts Cities And Towns2448 x 2055 - 140.87k - PNG. Massachusetts is the sixth-most popular tourist destination for foreign travelers. L'État du Massachusetts compte 351 municipalités[10], dont 25 de plus de 50 000 habitants. [164], The concept of Mass Save was created in 2008 by the passing of the Green Communities Act of 2008 during Deval Patrick’s tenure as governor. Opposition to continued construction grew, and in 1970 Governor Francis W. Sargent issued a general prohibition on most further freeway construction within the I-95/Route 128 loop in the Boston area. Avec 6 547 629 habitants en 2010, le Massachusetts était le 14e État le plus peuplé des États-Unis. [258] Massachusetts also charges a use tax when goods are bought from other states and the vendor does not remit Massachusetts sales tax; taxpayers report and pay this on their income tax forms or dedicated forms, though there are "safe harbor" amounts that can be paid without tallying up actual purchases (except for purchases over $1,000). Plymouth was the site of the second colony in New England after Popham Colony in 1607 in what is now Maine. Die vermeintlichen Herstellungsprobleme von Pfizer haben Öffentlichkeit und Börsen aufgeschreckt. [396] The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has two of its three campuses in Boston and Worcester.[397]. [60] In 2006, Massachusetts became the first state to approve a law that provided for nearly universal healthcare. [359] Historically themed museums and sites such as the Springfield Armory National Historic Site in Springfield,[140] Boston's Freedom Trail and nearby Minute Man National Historical Park, both of which preserve a number of sites important during the American Revolution,[140][360] the Lowell National Historical Park, which focuses on some of the earliest mills and canals of the industrial revolution in the US,[140] the Black Heritage Trail in Boston, which includes important African-American and abolitionist sites in Boston,[361] and the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park[140] all showcase various periods of Massachusetts's history. Small offshore islands and beaches are home to roseate terns and are important breeding areas for the locally threatened piping plover. Le Bureau de la gestion et du budget a également défini deux aires métropolitaines combinées dans ou en partie dans l'État du Massachusetts. USA: Landkarte Länder USA: Die USA liegen im Mittelteil von Nordamerika und werden im Osten vom Atlantik, im Westen vom Pazifik und im Norden von Kanada begrenzt. Residents can schedule a remote assessment using the program's website or phone line. En 2010, l'aire métropolitaine combinée de Boston-Worcester-Providence regroupait à elle seule 87,0 % de la population de l'État. Kategori:Massachusetts. [290] Massachusetts has 39 public-use airfields[291] and more than 200 private landing spots. Tous les 4 juillet, Boston organise une célébration renommée du jour d’Indépendance. [260] In 2018, renewable energy was about 7.2 percent of total energy consumed in the state, ranking 34th. The U.S. National Park Service administers a number of natural and historical sites in Massachusetts. Le Massachusetts compte parmi les 15 États des États-Unis qui n'appliquent pas la peine de mort (bien que non formellement abolie dans cet État). [243][244], As of 2012, there were 7,755 farms in Massachusetts encompassing a total of 523,517 acres (2,120 km2), averaging 67.5 acres (0.273 km2) apiece. There, more frequent intercity service is provided by private bus carriers, including Peter Pan Bus Lines (headquartered in Springfield), Greyhound Lines, OurBus and BoltBus. [122][123] Abolitionists John Brown and Sojourner Truth lived in Springfield and Northampton, respectively, while Frederick Douglass lived in Boston and Susan B. Anthony in Adams, Massachusetts. Ganz in der Nähe von Boston liegt Foxborough (32 km im Südwesten), wo die New England Patriots (1960-1970 Boston Patriots) oder kurz die Pats ihren Sitz haben. Les îles de Martha's Vineyard et Nantucket se trouvent au large de la côte sud-est. [79][80] While cultivation of crops like squash and corn supplemented their diets, these tribes were generally dependent on hunting, gathering and fishing for most of their food. En termes de matériel de guerre, le Massachusetts, en tant que principal centre industriel et de manufacture, est prêt pour devenir l'un des principaux producteurs de munitions et de fournitures. [89] Unlike the Plymouth colony, the bay colony was founded under a royal charter in 1629. Möchten Sie wissen, wo Ihre Unterkunft in Cape Cod genau liegt? Boston ist die Hauptstadt des US-amerikanischen Bundesstaates Massachusetts und liegt direkt an der gleichnamigen Bucht, die etwas weiter östlich in den Atlantischen Ozean mündet. Roman Catholics make up 34% and now predominate because of massive immigration from primarily Catholic countries and regions—chiefly Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Quebec, and Latin America. [382] Massachusetts has the most doctors per 100,000 residents,[383] the second-lowest infant mortality rate,[384] and the lowest percentage of uninsured residents (children as well as the total population). US-Präsident von 1797 bis 1801) und dessen Sohn John Quincy Adams (6. [337] In this structure, incorporated towns—as opposed to townships or counties—hold many of the responsibilities and powers of local government. Und welches Skigebiet hat die höchste Schneehöhe? [91][92], In 1641, Massachusetts expanded inland significantly, acquiring the Connecticut River Valley settlement of Springfield, which had recently disputed with, and defected from its original administrators, the Connecticut Colony. Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, the Shaolin Meditation Temple in Springfield, and the Insight Meditation Center in Barre are examples of non-Abrahamic religious centers in Massachusetts. The Pilgrims were soon followed by other Puritans, who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony at present-day Boston in 1630. [256], Massachusetts's electricity generation market was made competitive in 1998, enabling retail customers to change suppliers without changing utility companies. Le Massachusetts partage ses frontières avec le New Hampshire et le Vermont au nord, l'État de New York à l'ouest, le Connecticut et le Rhode Island au sud, et l'océan Atlantique à l'est. Eight years later, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (Republican nominee) lost to Barack Obama in 2012. Somerville (/ ˈ s ʌ m ər v ɪ l / SUM-ər-vil) is a city located directly to the northwest of Boston, and north of Cambridge, in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States.As of 2019, the United States Census estimated the city to have a total population of 81,360 people. In Lenox gibt es dann eine riesige Outlet-Mall, wo es Markenkleidung zu sehr günstigen Preisen gibt. Webcam Boston Massachusetts. Hispanics and Latinos of any race made up 11.2% of the population. Ils représentent le plus grand nombre de Franco-Américains en Nouvelle-Angleterre. Wo Liegt Boston. His first victory was the Siege of Boston in the winter of 1775–76, after which the British were forced to evacuate the city. La source la plus importante d'armement dans le Massachusetts est la manufacture d'armes de Springfield. The Hartford Line connects Springfield to New Haven, operated in conjunction with the Connecticut Department of Transportation, and the Valley Flyer runs a similar route but continues further north to Greenfield. Additionally, Massachusetts provided Reagan with his smallest margins of victory in both the 1980[318] and 1984 elections. Les exportations agricoles consistent en fruits de mer, en produits laitiers, en canneberges et en légumes. [229] As of January 2020, Massachusetts state general minimum wage is $12.75 per hour while the minimum wage for tipped workers is $4.95 an hour. Suburbanization flourished, and by the 1970s, the Route 128 corridor was dotted with high-technology companies who recruited graduates of the area's many elite institutions of higher education. Some major museums and important historical sites are also located there, and events and festivals throughout the year celebrate the state's history and heritage. L'État avait la 2e plus forte proportion de Cambodgiens (0,39 %), la 4e plus forte proportion de Chinois (1,88 %), la 7e plus forte proportion de Viêts (0,66 %) et la 9e plus forte proportion d'Indiens (1,18 %). Det højeste punkt i delstaten er Mount Greylock (1.063 m). [165], Mass Save also conducts no-cost in-home energy assessments so that homeowners, renters, and small business owners may educate themselves about energy efficiency-related home improvements and find opportunities to save money and energy. Two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, at around 2:49 pm EDT. Massachusetts is also the home of rowing events such as the Eastern Sprints on Lake Quinsigamond and the Head of the Charles Regatta. [166], The State Revenue Service provides incentives for the installation of solar panels. In Boston alone, costs of climate change-related storms will result in 5 to 100 billion dollars in damage. Massachusetts liegt im Nordosten der USA und erstreckt sich von der Spitze von Cape Cod am Atlantik bis zu den Berkshire Mountains an der Staatsgrenze von New York State. The population of the city proper is 692,600,[335] and Greater Boston, with a population of 4,873,019, is the 11th largest metropolitan area in the nation. Ce qui pousse les entreprises a demandé une remise à niveau des transports publics[45]. Cummings, Sylvia Plath, H.P. [372], There are two major television media markets located in Massachusetts. Transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions by economic sector in Massachusetts.[265]. Selon des estimations de 2012 effectuées par le Pew Hispanic Center, l'État comptait 150 000 immigrés illégaux, soit 2,3 % de la population[22]. la North of Boston and Merrimack Valley ; La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 20 décembre 2020 à 22:16. Massachusetts has a long political history; earlier political structures included the Mayflower Compact of 1620, the separate Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies, and the combined colonial Province of Massachusetts. Boston may get most of the attention in this New England state, but Massachusetts holds many other livable communities. Although much of Massachusetts had been cleared for agriculture, leaving only traces of old-growth forest in isolated pockets, secondary growth has regenerated in many rural areas as farms have been abandoned. Both Senators and all nine Representatives are Democrats; only one Republican (former Senator Scott Brown) has been elected to either house of Congress from Massachusetts since 1994. Salem Harbor von Mapcarta, die freie Karte. As of the summer of 2013 the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority in collaboration with the MBTA and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is operating the CapeFLYER providing passenger rail service between Boston and Cape Cod.[277][278]. [90] Both religious dissent and expansionism resulted in several new colonies being founded shortly after Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay elsewhere in New England. [172], For income eligible residents, Mass Save has partnered with Massachusetts Community Action Program Agencies and Low-Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN) to offer residents assistance with upgrades to their homes that will result in more efficient energy usage. [349], Massachusetts is also an important center for the performing arts. Peabody City Hall. Nearly 800 vessels were commissioned as privateers and are credited with capturing or destroying about 600 British ships.[107]. [168] Certain municipalities will offer up to $1.20 per watt, up to 50 percent of the system’s cost on PV arrays 25 kW or less. Counties Map of … [202], As of 2010, 78.93% (4,823,127) of Massachusetts residents 5 and older spoke English at home as a first language, while 7.50% (458,256) spoke Spanish, 2.97% (181,437) Portuguese, 1.59% (96,690) Chinese (which includes Cantonese and Mandarin), 1.11% (67,788) French, 0.89% (54,456) French Creole, 0.72% (43,798) Italian, 0.62% (37,865) Russian, and Vietnamese was spoken as a primary language by 0.58% (35,283) of the population over 5. Among those who objected to this later in the century were the English Quaker preachers Alice and Thomas Curwen, who were publicly flogged and imprisoned in Boston in 1676. [285], As of 2018, a number of freight railroads were operating in Massachusetts, with Class I railroad CSX being the largest carrier, and another Class 1, Norfolk Southern serving the state via its Pan Am Southern joint partnership. [305], The Government of Massachusetts is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. Webcam Boston Massachusetts. [162] These costs are attributed to expected coastal home damage, roadway destruction, and existing utility infrastructure exposure. Sie können dies auf der Karte von Cape Cod überprüfen. [163], The State of Massachusetts has developed a plethora of incentives to encourage the implementation of renewable energy and efficient appliances and home facilities. Celui-ci a été traduit comme « à la grande colline », « au lieu des grandes collines » ou encore « à la chaîne de colline » en référence aux Blue Hills (en) et, en particulier, à la Great Blue Hill (en). Fin juin 2015, la Cour Suprême décide (Obergefell v. Hodges) que les couples homosexuels peuvent se marier dans l'ensemble du pays[43]. [239] Other popular tourist destinations include Salem, Plymouth, and the Berkshires. Boston Sehenswürdigkeiten . [119] Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson made major contributions to American philosophy. New Jersey", "#26 The Governors Academy, Byfield, Mass", "Harvard Plans to Name First Female President", "These Are the Best Private High Schools in America, According to a New Ranking", "How States Are Spending Money in Education", "Are the nation's twelfth-graders making progress in mathematics and reading? [377] In addition, there are many community dailies and weeklies. Selbst aus dem 17. [137] Other notable Bay State politicians on the national level included John W. McCormack, Speaker of the House in the 1960s, and Tip O'Neill, whose service as Speaker of the House from 1977 to 1987 was the longest continuous tenure in United States history. At least 11 other states have, too", "Swampscott celebrates neighbor turned governor", "Number of Legislators and Length of Terms in Years", National Conference of State Legislatures, "Geographic Boundaries of United States Courts of Appeals and United States District Courts", "Distribution of 2004 and 2008 Electoral Votes", National Archives and Records Administration, "Does 'Massachusetts liberal' label still matter? [362][363], Boston's annual St. Patrick's Day parade and "Harborfest", a week-long Fourth of July celebration featuring a fireworks display and concert by the Boston Pops as well as a turnaround cruise in Boston Harbor by the USS Constitution, are popular events. Le revenu personnel moyen par personne en 2004 était de 42 102 dollars par an, soit le deuxième plus élevé après celui du Connecticut. [306] Each branch consists of several committees. Sa population comptait pour 2,12 % de la population du pays. Opens and two Ryder Cups. For the indigenous people, see, Map of the United States with Massachusetts highlighted. [231] CNBC's list of "Top States for Business for 2014" has recognized Massachusetts as the 25th-best state in the nation for business,[232] and for the second year in a row the state was ranked by Bloomberg as the most innovative state in America. Enfin aux élections présidentielles, l'État vote démocrate sans interruption depuis 1988. ", "Massachusetts Students Score among World Leaders on PISA Reading, Science and Math Tests", "East Squantum Street (Moswetuset Hummock)", Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, "Why do we call Massachusetts a 'commonwealth'? Discounts of 75 percent or more are available on these insulation improvements. "On April 6, 1681, Randolph petitioned the king, informing him the colony was still pressing their own coins which he saw as high treason and believed it was enough to void the charter. En 2013, le Bureau du recensement des États-Unis estime la part des non hispaniques à 89,5 %, dont 74,6 % de Blancs, 6,4 % de Noirs, 5,8 % d'Asiatiques et 2,0 % de Métis, et celle des Hispaniques à 10,5 %[24]. Fővárosa Boston. [292] Some airports receive funding from the Aeronautics Division of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration; the FAA is also the primary regulator of Massachusetts air travel.[293]. [237], Sectors vital to the Massachusetts economy include higher education, biotechnology, information technology, finance, health care, tourism, manufacturing, and defense. L'État est en partie intégré au BosWash, une mégalopole s'étendant sur plusieurs États du Nord-Est des États-Unis entre Boston et Washington. In ka badan 80% dadweynaha Massachusetts waxay ku nool yihiin Magaalooyinka Greater Boston, gobolka ay saameyn ku leeyihiin taariikhda Maraykanka, akadeemiyadda iyo warshadaha. David McCullough points out that an equally important feature was its placing for the first time the courts as a co-equal branch separate from the executive. [149], Massachusetts is located along the Atlantic Flyway, a major route for migratory waterfowl along the eastern coast. [136] George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States (1989–1993) was born in Milton in 1924. [386] 37.2% of the population is overweight and 21.7% is obese,[387] and Massachusetts ranks sixth-highest in the percentage of residents who are considered neither obese nor overweight (41.1%). [254] There is a tax exemption for income below a threshold that varies from year to year. Europa Fernreise Deutschland Städtereise Reisewetter . [389][390] There are currently a total of 143 hospitals in the state. [180] Population growth was largely due to a relatively high quality of life and a large higher education system in the state. To the west lies the hilly, rural region of Central Massachusetts, and beyond that, the Connecticut River Valley. Weitere Informationen. Its capital and largest city is Boston. Die Metropole wird von mehreren Flüssen durchzogen und ist an verschiedene Schnellstraßen und an die Interstates 93 und 95 angeschlossen, die Boston unter anderem mit … Lors de l’élection présidentielle de 2004, le Parti démocrate tint sa convention nationale à Boston, capitale de l'État, s'attirant cette remarque ironique de Dick Armey, le chef de la majorité républicaine à la Chambre des représentants des États-Unis : « si j'étais un démocrate, je me sentirai effectivement plus à l'aise à Boston que, dirais-je, en Amérique » (« If I were a Democrat, I suspect I'd feel a heck of a lot more comfortable in Boston than, say, America »). L'État comptait le 4e plus fort taux d'urbains du pays après la Californie (95,0 %), le New Jersey (94,7 %) et le Nevada (94,2 %). En 2000, l'État avait la plus forte proportion de personnes d'origine irlandaise, la 2e plus forte proportion de personnes d'origine portugaise, la 5e plus forte proportion de personnes d'origine italienne, la 6e plus forte proportion de personnes d'origine française et la 9e plus forte proportion de personnes d'origine polonaise. [306], The Congressional delegation from Massachusetts is entirely Democratic. Peabody Institute Library. Fifteen other regional transit authorities provide public transportation in the form of bus services in the rest of the state. ... liegt wiederum in einem völlig anderen Teil von Massachusetts: Er gehört zum Wilson Mountain Reservation, einem State Park in Dedham südwestlich von Boston. Freshwater fish species in Massachusetts include bass, carp, catfish, and trout, while saltwater species such as Atlantic cod, haddock, and American lobster populate offshore waters. [178][179], Like the rest of the Northeastern United States, the population of Massachusetts has continued to grow in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Democrats have an absolute grip on the Massachusetts congressional delegation; there are no Republicans elected to serve at the federal level. ", "The Central Artery/Tunnel Project—The Big Dig", Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, "Recreational Marijuana Passes In Massachusetts", "Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization, Question 4 (2016)—Ballotpedia", "Old growth, grand specimens drive big-tree hunters", "Northeastern Coastal Zone—Ecoregion Description", Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, "Chasing loons: Banding the elusive birds at night on the Quabbin Reservoir", "It was a record-breaking year for shark research off Cape Cod", "Sharks have multiplied off Cape Cod beaches, devouring gray seals and putting swimmers on edge", "Map: Where great white sharks roam off Cape Cod", "What climate change means for Massachusetts", "Effects of Climate Change in Massachusetts", What Climate Change Means for Massachusetts, "Resident Population of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico", "QuickFacts Massachusetts; UNITED STATES", "Table 1. Due to its location near the Atlantic, Massachusetts is vulnerable to nor'easters, hurricanes and tropical storms. Mit einer Ferienwohnung Massachusetts oder einem Ferienhaus Massachusetts sollte das allerdings kein Problem sein! [221] In 2013, Massachusetts scored highest of all the states in math and third-highest in reading on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. [46] During the 20th century, Massachusetts's economy shifted from manufacturing to services. Massachusetts Tourism: Tripadvisor has 21,36,534 reviews of Massachusetts Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Massachusetts Tourism resource. Localízase ao nordés do país, a uns cantos quilómetros da fronteira con Canadá. Le Massachusetts ou Commonwealth du Massachusetts est un État des États-Unis qui fait partie de la région de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, au nord-est des États-Unis. The Basketball Hall of Fame is a major tourist destination in the City of Springfield and the Volleyball Hall of Fame is located in Holyoke. [332], There are 50 cities and 301 towns in Massachusetts, grouped into 14 counties. Wo liegt Shutter Island? Lors des élections pour le poste de gouverneur, en novembre 2006, le lieutenant-gouverneur du Massachusetts (en) républicain sortant Kerry Healey fut battu avec 35 % des suffrages par le démocrate Deval Patrick (56 %). 131 Corey Colonial UNIT 131, Agawam, MA 01001. [273][274] Boston's other major station, North Station, serves as the southern terminus for Amtrak's Downeaster, which connects to Portland and Brunswick in Maine. To ensure that the Commonwealth experiences warming no more than 1.5°C of pre-industrialization levels, the state will work to achieve net-zero emissions and the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 85 percent by the year 2050. Boston est fondée en 1630 et devient la capitale du Massachusetts en 1632.